the antonym of betrayal

The antonym of “advice” is “betrayal” and the antonym of “betrayal” is “hide” or “conceal.”  At least according to  I only know this because a great friend wrote me today and said, “dear ms regina, have you thought about an online advice column?”  Maybe that was because she was sick of hearing from me.  Or maybe she was just making a joke.  But it got me thinking about the word advice.  And for some reason I looked it up.  Not because I didn’t know what it meant, but because well, I was procrastinating at work.  That and because I love words.  There is such meaning within a word.  Yet we use them flippantly, forgetting they come from somewhere and have histories of their own.  

Yes, this is a blog about things that pass through my head.  (Is that what everybody’s blog is about?)  It’s for that reason I’m not a humongous blog fan.  Some of them are so darn vain and so frickin’ opinionated, full of phony product plugs.  (I’ll keep that in mind.)  So while I don’t like blogs so much, I do like to read.  And I believe in self-expression.  So I’m not going to consult as to what the antonym of “hide” or “conceal” might be because for me personally it would be “self-expression.”  So that’s what this is: an antonym to hiding.    

P.S.  I should probably add that I don’t know a thing about what I am doing.   


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