He wrote back.

My beloved writer hero in real-life flesh wrote back.  Nick Flynn.  He wrote to me.  !!!!!  In response to my inquiry about whether or not he might kindly write a book about writing, not for me, but for the sake of writing itself and he said he’s thought about it and that my inquiry could quite possibly be the nudge that might actually “push him over the edge.”

 But that writing (no shit) takes up a huge part of someone’s life (no shit).


Here’s to that writing.

And to not being afraid of it.
But to being afraid of what might happen if we don’t write it.

To courage.
And stupidity
And all the in-between
And not knowing the difference
But writing anyway.


One thought on “He wrote back.

  1. I love it! Some really great things in my life have come out of sending letters like that to perfect strangers who are now genuine friends. You are an inspiration!

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