Regina, Regyna, An Introduction

For some reason, after I introduce myself, two out of three people here in New Zealand call me Regyna.  As in Regyna that rhymes with vagina.  It’s embarrassing.  I find it hard to correct people because I feel it makes an already embarrassing moment even more embarrassing.  More than embarrassing, it’s weird.  I introduce myself as Regina–Regeeeeeena.  Minutes later they’ll come back with, “What can I get you to drink Regyna?”  Nick says that if his name were Dennis and people were pronouncing it wrong, as Deeeenis, rhyming with penis that he would say something.  To which I say, Dennis, Deeeenis, potay-to, potah-to, tomay-to, tomah-to, Regina, Regyna.  Let’s call the whole thing off.

Meeting new people is difficult.  It’s hard.  Sometimes kinda scary.  I find myself a bit on guard, often thinking, “Look, new person.  I already have the best friends on earth.  You will never compare to them.”  True as that might be, it’s a detrimental attitude to have.  You have to give everyone a try and you can’t judge a person on a first encounter, although we all do.  As my sister wisely put it, making new friends is a lot like dating.  It can really be the pits.  But it can also be interesting.

I’ve met some really amazing characters since I decided a few weeks ago to get off my tush and make the effort to meet the people who make up the world around me.  I had no expectations about what to expect but believe me–even if I’d had expectations, and even if they were high expectations, I would have been blown away.

All this meeting people, though…  It has made me think a lot about the friends I already have.  All the times they’ve been there for me.  All the things they know about me.  It’s amazing to think about all of you.  I’m so lucky.  So very, very lucky to have you in my life.  Tomorrow is Thursday in New Zealand, already.  So I’ll be thinking thankful thoughts, mostly of friends this year.  Because everything else seems to come and go in this life, unless it’s a good, loyal friend.  As my other sister said on Facebook recently, “There are large ships and there are big ships but none compare to that of a friendship.”*

Thank you, friends!  For everything.  And for knowing how to pronounce my name in a proper, dignified way.  I am grateful.  I love you.

*(She got that quote from somewhere else, but I’ll give her credit because I don’t know where she got it!)




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