TinyLetters 2013

TinyLetters is a project I began back in October out of curiosity after noticing that some of my friends’ emails were posing questions that others seemed to be answering.  Someone would ask something or write something that would echo the same or similar concerns someone else was having.  In another conversation entirely, a potential response to those concerns would arise.  My intention with TinyLetters was to lift the barriers of these conversations and with your help and permission, provide useful dialog and some kind of karmic connection.

To do this, I asked you to write to me about anything, and to subscribe to the response.  And you did.  Thank you.  Keep doing it because it’s kind of amazing, actually, what’s happening.  How we all have these little conversations in our heads we mainly keep to ourselves.  This is a way to release one of those conversations you would have normally kept bottled up (while walking or driving or loading the dishwasher).   It’s a way you can actually share your thoughts with a kind community, safely and far away from self-censoring.  All you have to do is take the time to sit down and write it.  Then something kind of magical happens because your concerns/thoughts/meanderings can be freed from inside the confines of your barb-wired brain.  You can get stuff outside you.  You can share it and offer it up toward a greater good.  Or find relief from your own burning questions.  Get answers or solace or resolution.  Hear someone else for a change.

I’m learning that this experiment becomes even more powerful when I am granted permission to list the sender’s letter, even if just anonymously.  It helps with transparency and readers get more of the bigger picture of what’s going on.  The more voices, the better.

The first TinyLetter response of the new year is particularly interesting because I received it about a month ago.  It’s from a woman who wanted to talk about being scared.  For whatever reason, I just felt the need to wait before responding or posting it even though I wasn’t sure why.  Then, yesterday I received a letter from another woman who just had a friend pass away.  Even though these letters are about two entirely different things, both women are spurred through loss or potential loss to ask themselves the exact same question: Am I doing what I really want in this life?  These are two pertinent letters about life when looked at through the lens of dying.

If you’re interested in participating in TinyLetters, either by reading/listening in or by writing something yourself, I encourage you to subscribe.  It’s free.  And actually kind of fun.  It gives you an outlet and you remain anonymous.  If you want to remain anonymous even to me, make yourself a new, unrecognizable email address.  That way I’ll never know who you are unless you tell me.  Like I said, the more voices, the better.  Who knows, maybe somebody out there needs to hear that little conversation you’ve been having in your head.  Maybe you just might help someone sleep better at night or not feel so alone in whatever it is they’re going through.

Toss your bottled up thoughts over this way.  Let them wash up on this rocky shore.  Let me flatten out the rolled up paper where you’ve placed your concerns and read them out loud to whoever might be listening.  You can either reach me by subscribing to TinyLetters or email me here.

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