Here are a few (random) scenes from life in the last few weeks.


Wairunga is a farm / B&B / golf course / cafe overlooking the Pacific in the distance.  Paulette, the owner, greeted us as we drove up (uninvited) and took us on the grand tour.  The nine-hole golf course has a $10 green fee (about $7US) and if they’re not there she says just leave the money in the box.  After a tour of the farm and the gorgeous surroundings she even told us we could come camp whenever we wanted.  Even if they weren’t home.   


Pigs!  On the side of the road.  Momma, Poppa and baby piglets!  (I felt slightly guilty for having eaten bacon just hours before!)

Down the road from the pigs, chickens at Wairunga.



Bathtub in the bush, with a view at Wairunga. 

Just down the road from the chickens, the Mohi Bush Reserve which backed up to the golf course.  It’s an hour walk through native New Zealand bush…not a soul in sight other than the hundreds of sheep I wasn’t able to get on camera because my battery died! 


On another day we took backpacks and hiked down the beach as far as we could before heading back because of the tide and some black clouds.  Below are some rocks, covered in mussels.


This is what the beach looks like, a two and a half hour walk from the access point.   Again, not a soul in sight. 


A bird reserve, built and maintained by an extremely wealthy, generous American. 

Speaking of Americans, here’s me with my American friend Bonnie having a picnic in my yard. 



2 thoughts on “Here are a few (random) scenes from life in the last few weeks.

  1. So idyllic! Love the sweetly sleeping pigs and the washtub outdoors. And the peep into your life, which seems wonderfully peace filled, restful.

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