About Me

1.  I sit around a lot and stare off into space thinking about what I’m going to say or what I should have said.

2.  Originally from Texas, I lived the decade of my twenties in Italy.  (That’s a long story.)  Currently, I am in transition.  Job searching.  Enjoying the ride while learning to become comfortable with uncertainty.

3.  That’s the main theme of this blog; celebrating place and change both figuratively and literally.  Blogging is my way of getting my work out into the world quickly and thoughtfully, without mediating factors / a way for me to publicly commit to the discipline of my art / a way to share and explore my own thoughts and revelations with friends and strangers.

4.  I have an Master’s in Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Goddard College.

5.  I received my Bachelor’s in Journalism from The University of North Texas.

6.  My favorite author/poet/memorist is Mary Karr and also Nick Flynn.

7.  It was C.S. Lewis who said “We read to know we are not alone.”  This quote has come to define not only why I read, but also why I write.


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